Sunday, February 7, 2010

Note: Using pictures for your computer backround.

I would be flattered if you want to use a picture for your background on your computer. To get a hi-res version, just click on the picture you like (it will take you to my flickr site) and then click on the "all sizes" button at the top of the picture. From here, you can download a large version of the picture. I upload most of the pictures optimized for a 1920x1280 HD screen.

If your screen resolution is smaller than 1920x1080, you can still fix them to fit on your screen once you download them. On vista and Win7, you can just choose to have them "fit" your screen as you select them for your background (right click on your desktop, go to the select background image screen and choose fit). On XP, you can resize the picture by right clicking on the picture file and choosing edit. This will load the picture in Paint, which is already installed on XP. In paint, you can use the Stretch/Skew function to resize the picture (choose smaller percentages for both width and height until you get one that fits your screen). You can check the resolution of the picture by clicking on Attributes. Then, save the file as a .bmp file in your My Pictures folder.

If you follow the directions here, the picture that you saved in My Pictures will show up in the list of backgrounds for you to choose. If you sized the picture correctly, you should choose "Center" positioning. You can also change the background color to compliment the picture.

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