Saturday, February 6, 2010

Legos - Day 37 of 365

Legos (37of 365)

I had another shot setup today and I worked on it some earlier in the day while Ava took her nap. But, during dinner she figured out how to stick her lego man on the lego car base and, every time she did it she was as proud as could be. I had my camera nearby and decided to see if I could capture the moment. Once I saw this shot, I decided that my other shot could wait for another time. Real life trumps staged shots every time.

For this one, I decided to just go with available light, which was just the lamp light above the breakfast room table. I had my 50mm lens on the camera, so I put the camera in aperture priority, set it down to f/2.0 and set the ISO up to 800 (I hate to do that because it causes noise, but sometimes you have to in order to get your shutter fast enough to avoid blur). All in all, I like how it turned out. I love how you can see how focused she is on playing with the legos.

Wow, I just realized that, with today's shot, I'm more than 10% of the way into my 365.

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