Friday, February 5, 2010

Need a Bigger Frame - Day 36 of 365

Need a Bigger Frame (36 of 365)

So here's tonight's masterpiece. Just kidding. I saw someone do a picture something like this a while back and I figured that I'd try my hand at it (by the way, this looks better viewed on a white background - you can click on the picture to see). I started with a standard "high key" shot of my grocery store orchid and then I went into photoshop to try to figure out how the heck I can get the flower to pop out of the frame. Here's what I came up with.

For the photo, I used my D90 with a 50mm 1.4D lens with two flashes (set to optical slave) pointed at the back wall (for the pure white background). Then I had an SB-600 fired through an umbrella camera left and a little bit up and another camera right in the same position. The SB-600's were fired via CLS, which made it easy to adjust their power. I had to aim the background flashes' optical sensors away from the pop-up on the camera because the CLS signal was setting them off at first (which made them shoot too early). Once I turned them away, the CLS fired flashes triggered the background flashes.

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