Sunday, January 17, 2010

Douglas the Monkey - Day 17 of 365

Douglas the Monkey (17 of 365)

This is Douglas the Monkey, one of my daughter's favorite stuffed animals, sitting on a tree. This is the same stuffed monkey as the one from the AT&T commercial where the little girl puts the monkey in the Dad's suitcase. I decided that I wanted to capture a little more color today, so I picked up a few of the toys sitting on the living room floor and decided to make a picture.

I used a black gym mat (used under treadmills) as the black backdrop and I shot one flash from up and camera left. This one had a snoot on it that I made from the flap of a cardboard box (same one that I used in pic. 16). Then, I put another flash behind the monkey looking to get some separation between the monkey and the background. When I tried that, I really liked the fact that the tree lit up, so I moved things around a bit to focus more on that (rather than going for a hair light effect). Both flashes are Nikon SB-600's fired via CLS from the D90 popup.

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