Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daffodil - Day 22 of 365

Daffodil (22 of 365)

First it was guitars, now it's flowers. I promise that I'll move on from flowers to something else tomorrow. I picked up this Daffodil at the grocery store on my way home tonight as I was picking up some beer and a salad to go with our pizza. I originally wanted to shoot this with a colored background (I tried a few), but when I downloaded everything to my big screen, I noticed that I preferred the shot where my gel flash didn't fire. Originally, the background was grayish, but I decided to "burn" it out to black to maximize the contrast of the shot and to let the yellow pop. I used my handy mister (from day 20) to put some water drops on the flower, but the didn't show up that great.

For the lighting, this one had an SB-600 fired via CLS and shot against a white wall to camera right and a Quantaray DSZ PZ-1 (a cheap $28 flash that I just got; set on optical flash mode) shot against the white ceiling. I used a Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens tonight to get in close. Like the Quantaray, this is a budget item that seems to do a decent job.

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