Thursday, January 14, 2010

20/20 - Day 14 of 365

20/20 (14 of 365)

I thought of this one when I was putting in my contacts this morning. As I was setting my glasses down, I started looking through them and wondering if I could simulate my poor vision by focusing on an in-focus image in my glasses lenses. It worked out ok -- not as nice as I had hoped, but ok. I was bummed that an in-focus image in the glasses lenses left the glasses out of focus, but it made sense once I thought about it. I considered taking a picture of the frames in focus and a picture like this and photoshoping them together so the frames and the subject through the glasses lenses were both in focus, but, in the end, I decided to just go with an authentic picture.

For lighting, I shot a Nikon SB-600 against the back white wall and another against a side white wall.


  1. Great idea! I was toying with doing something similar to learn more about the optics of glasses, and I love how sharp the jug is in the photo.

  2. Is that how you see the world without any lenses ? So blurry. . .

  3. Pretty much. The camera lens may have slightly different depth of field than my eyes, but that's pretty much how things look with my glasses/contacts off. Maybe it's time for lasik. :.) Thanks for stopping by.