Friday, January 29, 2010

Blue Muscat - Day 29 of 365

Friday Night Lights (29 of 365)

After a long week (doing this 365 project tends to wear me out because I don't get free time until everyone else goes to bed), I went a little boring on tonight's shot. After reading about lighting and trying my hand at this and that, I realized that I haven't really tried to light a glass bottle. Glass can be tricky because you get reflections of your lights and, if you're not careful, you'll have a self portrait in the reflection too. I saw this bottle sitting in my wine rack and I thought it would be fun to experiment on because, in addition the the reflections, I could play with lighting up the blue glass a little. Pretty boring, but good for me to learn a little bit more about lighting.

Tonight I tested out some new, cheap flashes and flash triggers that I bought. The triggers are RF-602's (you can find them on ebay) and the flashes are made by a company called Quantaray (be careful buying these, they're cheap, but many of them don't work when you get them -- they're fine if they work). I used two flashes, both bare, but reflected against white walls to light the bottle. One against the back wall to light the wall and to light the blue bottle and one against the side wall to give the nice, long reflection up the side of the bottle. That's it. I'll challenge myself more next time I try a wine bottle by incorporating more into the shot so I have to juggle a few things.


  1. Sweet, you went Strobist! :) The sole RF-602 I have nearly died on Saturday and I was pretty ticked so I'm thinking about switching to Pocket Wizards - the problem is it's nearly 10x the price for a pair new!

    Great idea to use the blue bottle - love the colour.

  2. Hey Florence. I like the RF-602 units, but I don't trust them either. Of course, for the price of a pair of PWs, you could but several RF-602s and just throw them away if they quit working. That being said, they've worked well so far.