Thursday, January 21, 2010

Orchids in the Sky (Day 21 of 365)

Orchids in the Sky (21 of 365)

Tonight I tried out a few different things, but by the time I was through, I liked this shot the best. As I mentioned before, I'm trying to figure out how to take nice orchid pictures so I can shoot some for my mother-in-law, who has grown some amazing orchids. This is just a run-of-the-mill grocery store orchid, but it is still pretty cool to look at. Truth be told, this was shot in my basement again tonight. The blue background is actually just a white wall shot with a flash with a blue gel over it (actually, I used a clear blue plastic folder that I cut up for the gel). I used another flash (gridded to keep it off the background), close in and to the right, to light the flowers. I'm not 100% thrilled with the clarity of this photo, but it is the best of today's shots, so I went with it.

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  1. Love the colours in this photo, and clever idea to use the folder for a gel. Tempted to get a gel set and something to adhere gels to the flash, I guess :) Hope to see more orchid shots this year!