Monday, January 4, 2010

An Old Friend – Day 4 of 365

A Old Friend (4 of 365)
Here is a picture of my 1937 National Duolian guitar. I was having trouble thinking of things to take a picture of today, so I decided that this guitar would be interesting. This is my personal National guitar and it is probably the only guitar that I have that I won’t ever sell. I recorded a couple of CD’s with this a few years back and published them on, which was profitable when the internet was booming in the early 2000’s. When everything went bust, stopped paying for page views and then, eventually, went out of business altogether. Oh well, it was fun for a while.

I took the picture with a single off-camera flash shooting at the side of the guitar. The white carpet under the guitar reflected a tiny bit of light on the front so you can barely see it.

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