Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tones (83 of 365)

Today I decided to get away from complicated setups and go for simple beauty. This is a Larrivee 000-50 TSB acoustic guitar. It is hand made by Larrivee Guitars with mahogany sides and a spruce top and is finished off with a stunning Tobacco Sunburst Finish (at the time that this one was made, all of the sunburst finishes were hand painted by Jean Larrivee himself). The instrument really is a work of art. It's wonderful to look at and it's even better to play and hear. One of my favorite details of the guitar is the herringbone binding around the edges of the guitar and sound hole, which is made from layers of wood (also, the ebony pyramid bridge and the slotted headstock (not pictured here) are really awesome). So, for today's shot, Larrivee Guitars did all the hard work, I just took the picture. This is another shot that really needs to be looked at large to appreciate (hit the "all sizes" button at the top of the pic and then select original).

Lighting Setup: A single SB-600 flash through a 1/8" grid spot aimed at the front of the guitar. I went with the grid spot in an effort to prevent light spill so I could keep the background black. I went with a fast shutter speed in order to keep out any ambient light.

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