Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nikon & Bokeh (79 of 365)

Nikon & Bokeh (79 of 365), originally uploaded by lighthack.

Back to a bokeh background shot. I tried to add some additional interest to the bokeh this time by going with two colors. The D90 was on a light stand that I ended up cloning out because it wasn't very attractive.

SB-600 through a 24"x24" softbox on the D90. SB-600 with a green gel on the crumpled tinfoil background for the green bokeh. Christmas lights for the orange bokeh. I had to play with the shutter speed to balance out the two types of bokeh to taste (longer exposure made the orange bokeh brighter -- green was flashed, so it was a function of flash power and aperture only).

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