Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Innocent? (89 of 365)

Innocent? (89 of 365), originally uploaded by lighthack.
Ivan, our Russian Blue cat, was kind enough to help me out with my Day 89 shot. I tried a couple of other ideas that didn't pan out, so I decided that Mr. Ivan, who was hanging out and constantly bumping into the tripod that I was using on my other shot, was ripe for a portrait. I went with the title and caption because our cats are always causing trouble around the house and I we're always trying to figure out which cat was the culprit.

This shot, other than the crop, is straight out of the camera. With the lighting and setup, I was going for multiple shades of gray and white (with the table, background, and Ivan's fur) in an effort to let his eyes be the only stand-out color in the shot.

Check this one out large size, I really love how the details in his eyes, including the catch lights, came out.

I had an SB-600 through a softbox setup camera left and high (you see it in his eyes), which was acting as my main light, and another SB-600 through a shoot-through umbrella for some fill light camera right and high.

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