Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jasmine - Day 61 of 365

Jasmine (61 of 365)

Wow, what a night. I had some "great" ideas, but nothing really looked up to par by the time that they made it to the camera. I just checked and I shot 125 pictures tonight and wasn't satisfied with any of them. So, I was in a bit of a panic to get something that was, in my opinion, at least a little bit interesting. That's when I looked down and realized that Jasmine, who had been enthusiastically helping me all night long, should be the star of the show tonight. You've met Ivan in previous pictures, here's Jasmine. My Mom bought Jasmine for me when I moved to Georgia several years ago because I didn't know a single person down here and she thought that I needed a friend.

Lighting is fairly simple here, just an SB-600 flash fired through a 43" white umbrella camera right and slightly above (you can see the umbrella in her eye). One interesting note is that I had to fire the flash with an RF-602 wireless radio trigger because Jasmine's reflexes were too fast for the Nikon CLS pre-flashes (CLS is Nikon's optical remote flash trigger system). When I tried to fire the flash with CLS, Jasmine's eyes were half closed by the time that the flash went off every time.

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