Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time lately to visit my Photostream, look at my photos, comment on them and "fave" them. Today has been quite a day. First, I woke up and learned that Surreal Sun (69 of 365) was "Explored" on flickr (my first time). Then, I learned that Sugar-Free (67 of 365) is, according to flickr, the fourth most "interesting" photo taken with a Nikon D90 right now. Last, tonight I found out that Sunflower Bokeh (68 of 365) was published in a KPBS newspaper article in San Diego (unfortunately, it was a sad article - my heart goes out to the family).

So, tonight I'm pausing to say thank you to everyone because without all of my great friends and contacts on flickr, I probably would have given up on my 365 Project after a couple of days. I genuinely appreciate all of your support and your kind comments. I also want to apologize because I am a bit behind in viewing and commenting on all of your photos. I promise that I will be spending extra time "paying" your kindness back with comments and faves. Also, if I can every do anything to help you out or answer any questions, please do not hesitate to shoot me a note.


PS - I took my 365 shot tonight, but I don't have the energy to process/post. It will have to wait until the morning.

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