Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kerplow!! (96 of 365)

Kerplow!! (96 of 365), originally uploaded by lighthack.
I was all out of creativity for the night, so I decided to setup a water drop scene and let gravity/physics handle the creativity side of things. So, here's a little splash of water, light and color for you all. It's not my favorite picture in the world, but at least we were provided with a little bit of bokeh, a couple "light bursts", a sense of motion, and color (albeit artificial).

Setup: Instead of your typical water dropping into water, you are looking at water dropping on to a non-stick pan turned upside-down. I did this so I could focus in and capture the full height of the splash. Also because water dripping on to a hard surface (as opposed to water) creates these "crown" shaped splashes. The water around the splash was kind of a bonus effect from the water building up on the top of the pan as the drops came down.

I intentionally set this up with the water appearing white/clear and the black background knowing that I wanted to add the color after the shot. I did this by allowing space in the background for the light to fall off into black and by aiming an SB-600 flash, bare, at the water drops from the left side, just to the right of the drippng water.

Here's the setup shot:

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