Friday, April 9, 2010

... I think I overpaid the model. (98 of 365)

I decided that I want to work a bit on more subtle lighting (i.e., instead of just blasting away with the softbox, I want to be more directional and selective). So, this is attempt one at subtlety with a portrait. I looked around for a volunteer, but Ava was sleeping and Jodi wasn't home, so I had to play the roles of photographer and model. Looking at the results, I kind of like the lighting, but I think I overpaid the model. The word's still out on the photographer.

Setup Info: (1) SB-600 flash camera right and low (around waist level and 45 degrees in front of me). This flash was focused tight and had a 1/8" grid spot on it (to keep the beam tight and prevent too much spill). It was aimed at my face as the main light. (2) SB-600 flash camera left and high. This flash was focused tight, high and just out of the frame. It was slightly behind me. Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 Micro lens on the D700.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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