Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blue Cheese Burgers (118 of 365)

I see so many of my friends on Flickr taking wonderful pictures of the fine baking and cooking that they do. This is about the only "cooking" that I can pull off, so here it is. Grilling out is like Zen time for me. I'm not sure why I've only fired up the grill a few times so far this Spring, but after the Blue Cheese Burgers that we had tonight, I'm going to do it more often.

Believe it or not, I actually used an off-camera flash on this one. The grill and I were much too dark by the time that the camera exposed for the background, so I setup a bare flash, zoomed out and on 1/4 power, off just out of view near the right, bottom corner of the picture. I was a bit bored with the picture, so I messed with a bit in the computer.

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