Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Quiet Place (177 of 365)

A Quiet Place (177 of 365)

Overall, the subject matter of this shot isn't all that exciting. I've been working on a technique for the last few days and this one was mostly a technical exercise. Check this one out in Large Size for the whole effect. What you are looking at is about 15 photos stitched together to form one photo that appears to have a very open aperture. I took the shots with the 85mm lens at f/1.4 and then stitched them together in photoshop. What it does is give it a very high resolution and the look of f/0.5 or something like that -- it almost has a tilt-shift quality to it. I've seen this technique referred to as the Brenizer Method or Bokehrama, but I'm not sure if that's the proper name or not (or if there really is a proper name). Overall, I liked the look, so I figured that I'd experiment with it. The original stitched image was something like 40 megapixels, so you're not really getting the full effect on flickr (I'm not sure where you could actually use all of those pixels -- maybe a billboard or something?).

Here's a tutorial on doing something like this if you're interested. And, here's another tutorial.

I think the coolest part about a technique like this is that it is so "new". It has only been a couple of years now that computers and software were powerful enough to stitch photos like this. Accordingly, we're dealing with a technique that you probably won't find in books and one that hasn't been around for 50 to 100 years like a lot of photography techniques. Pretty cool.

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