Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crime Drama (158 of 365)

Crime Drama (158 of 365)

I was looking to do something completely different with today's shot. I feel like I'm falling into a rut a bit, so I want to shake things up a little bit and try fresh things.

I had two things I wanted to do with the shot -- I wanted a high contrast black and white film noir type look and I wanted to play with specular reflections (i.e., direct reflections). So, I went around the house looking for something to shoot that would lend itself to both. Looking through a box of old stuff, I found this old prop knife and figured that it would let me play with a "crime drama" type look and it would allow me to work with reflections (after a little polishing).

Setup: SB-600 through 24"x24" softbox camera right and high. Distance behind the subject for the black background.

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