Sunday, May 30, 2010

Off to the Mall (149 of 365)

Off to the Mall (149 of 365)

Ava work up from her nap yesterday and was all ready for a trip to the mall wearing her bird dress and bird barrette (I wish all of the bird barrette showed up in the picture; it's cute). I snapped some shots of her and really liked the way this one turned out (I like the "pose" and all of the lines). I put the word "pose" in quotations b/c Ava is still a bit young for posing (i.e., she won't sit still :.). When processing it, I went for a washed out, "high-key" look similar to what I've seen in a lot of clothing catalogs lately.

BTW, she had a great time at the mall. She's not much of a shopper, but she loves seeing all of the people.

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