Sunday, January 9, 2011

1:52 - 2011

1:52 - 2011, originally uploaded by lighthack.
I really wasn't looking to do a self portrait for my first 52 shot, but it is the end of the first week and this one is all that I've got from this week. I took this as I was doing some lighting experiments. I'm pretty confident lighting non-human objects, but my portrait work is severely lacking, so I've been practicing (but also lacking willing models). In any event, I guess that this is as good of a way as any to introduce my self to the "project 52" groups that I've joined.

The lighting is a SB-600 through a 24x24 softbox camera right. The softbox is in front of me and is aimed to pass in front of my face, but not at me (if that makes any sense).

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