Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pollen (184 of 365)

Pollen (184 of 365)

This flower got me in big trouble last week. I bought a bouquet of these last week for Jodi, my wife, and Ava, my daughter. I intentionally bought them before I started back up with my Project 365 because, if I bought them after I started the project back up, Jodi would think that I really bought them for myself. :.) Anyway, back to my story about how this flower got me in trouble.

When I got home from work last Thursday, Jodi ran upstairs and asked me to watch Ava for a bit. Ava loves smelling flowers and she asked me if she could smell this one. It doesn't smell like much, but who could refuse to let a little girl smell a flower. After she smelled it and I put the flower back, I looked down and Ava was smiling up at me with a face full of brown pollen. Not being quick enough on my feet to just blow it off of Ava's face, I panicked (I knew that Jodi would be back down any minute). I grabbed a wet paper towel and tried to wash it off -- big mistake. The situation went from bad to worse -- the pollen turned into orange paint that wouldn't come off. Now, instead of brown pollen all over Ava's face, her whole face turned bright orange and it wouldn't come off. Jodi came down a few minutes later and I had to fess up.

She laughed and gave me a look like "I leave you with her for 5 minutes and now she's got a orange face?" It took some real scrubbing to finally get it off. Needless to say, I'll have to find another flower for Ava to smell next time. :.)

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